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Approximately 50% of businesses are currently paying too much for electricity.

It is not universally appreciated that it is the responsibility of each business to ensure the lowest possible price is applied to your operation by your supplier. Suppliers are not compelled to automatically supply to all business, at all times, the lowest applicable price.

However, unless you have considerable knowledge of the rates, prices, tariffs, discounts, incentive arrangements and special conditions which may exist, even commencing negotiations with your supplier can be daunting. We have developed a sophisticated in-house database that helps us optimize your utility needs. We offer the following services:

Electricity Cost Savings

After a FREE in-depth analysis of the client’s electricity consumption profile, we identify all possible commercial opportunities to quickly bring down the client’s unit cost of electricity at minimal, if any, upfront costs.

No savings, no cost.

Electricity Resell Consulting

We will structure your utility tariffs & provide consumption reports to ensure accurate, optimal recoveries.

On-going Utility Account Audit

With the ever increasing prices of electricity and water, mistakes are costly. Our forward looking audit service ensures that you never pay a cent more than you should.

We will continue to monitor your utility accounts on a monthly basis to ensure that you are not overcharged.

Overcharge Recovery

Abnormally high utility bill? Sudden spike in your electricity costs? Our consultants are well equipped to analyze your account and facilitate  the recovery of your funds.

We only get remunerated if we successfully recover your money. No recovery, no cost.

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